A network of roleplayers on Darkmyst

About Crossroads

Crossroads is a network of roleplayers on the Darkmyst IRC network. Any number of games run out of our common OOC room and hangout, and any member is welcome to start a game at any time. Some games are always accepting members, while others are closed, available to join by invitation only.

Our Current Games

The following games are currently being run with publicly-available logs:

Hollingsworth is a game about supervillains in high school in Japan. It is run with the BESM dice-based roleplaying system, and is currently open to new members.
You can find more information at the hollingsworth website

The Search for the Sun Orchid Elixer is a Pathfinder game involving a search for the Sun Orchid Elixer, as the name indicates. It is currently closed to new members.
You can find more information at Radiant Gaming

Our Blog

The members of Crossroads tend to blog at Radiant Gaming, a gaming blog for tabletop and video gaming.

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